David J Swift is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s an intimate valley with big and often irreverent ideas on how things should be done. This has worked out well.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Swift spent his post-teen years specializing in high-speed motorsports: writing, shooting, and at times racing. He hit to road in the mid-70s looking for a quieter place to play and work. He jetted to Jackson Hole in 1976 for a two-week job and failed to catch his return flight. He opened his studio in 1984 and has been pretty busy ever since.

“Sure I specialize,” he says. “I shoot most anything.” In a small, busy town like Jackson a busy photographer must be versatile. As Swift’s client base has matured the theme that emerges is not a specific photographic style. Rather, it’s a client-service style: deliver high-quality images on time and within budget every single time.

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Storefront. Arty place, arty shot.

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