Jolly Jumbuck Leathers

My eternal client. I started shooting for them when I was a puppy. Chuck and Annette Seligman are friends, have a national client base, and are quite canny at marketing; I prototyped their web site many years ago that started making money off the bat. At which point we hired a real web designer who achieved for us the fast, clean look we wanted.

Laurance S. Rockfeller Preserve

I was fortunate to document the reclamation of the Rockefeller’s in-holding in Grand Teton National Park, a four-year process. The Rockefellers donated to a public not only a precious and beautiful piece of wild land, but also an extraordinary visitor. 

Bob Pfalz’s home

Bob Pfaltz is a friend, a craftsman, and drummer in a mouldy garage band called The Recessions. (I’m the bassist.) We were hard up for rehearsal space. Bob offered the home he was building. So I watched the final stages of this extraordinary home’s completion; I fell in love with the way it uses Western light. I began photographing it before anyone said it was okay for me to photograph it. It’s an elegant, understated, well-designed and just plain handsome home. It’s for sale.


Charlie Craighead is a filmmaker and author. He put me onto his book project titled “Meet Me at the Wort,” an ambitious compendium of Jackson Hole’s most famous landmark building. (The book is the easily the finest social history of Jackson Hole yet.) We decided that a) we needed to partner on another project; and b) the mountaineering film world could use a bizarre film. That would be Killpecker! It’s the story of Lord Killpecker—heir, adventurer, raconteur, man of unlimited limits—as he tries to put together a dream team of mountaineers. The mission: to climb the elusive Mt. Killpecker to fulfill an ambition most verbose.

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